No. 218: Coco no Coco

demerara rum, cream, pineapple

Crushed Ice Cocktails

24 recipes

Crushed ice is typically employed in juleps, tiki cocktails, and anything served when it is very hot. The high amount of surface area makes for a frosty drink that is very cold.

No. 213: Apres-Ski Swizzle

aged rum, pineapple, green chartreuse

No. 200: Groceries for the Queen

gin, heering, amaro montenegro

No. 191: Odd Bedfellows

aged rum, gold rum, coconut cream

No. 165: Arrack Punch

batavia arrack, gold rum, lemon

No. 155: Jimmie Roosevelt

champagne, cognac, green chartreuse
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No. 151: Cinnamon Girl

reposado tequila, gold rum, lime juice

No. 135: Sherry Cobbler

sherry, lemon juice, orange liqueur

No. 133: Queens Park Swizzle

dark rum, lime juice, simple syrup

No. 132: Bramble

london dry gin, lemon juice, simple syrup

No. 114: Jungle Bird

pineapple, dark rum, campari
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No. 108: Hurricane

rum, passionfruit syrup, lemon juice

No. 105: Three Dots & A Dash

dark rum, lime juice, orange juice

No. 103: Planter's Punch

dark rum, lime juice, simple syrup

No. 102: Ty Cobbler

reposado tequila, cynar, simple syrup

No. 75: El Burro

reposado tequila, blanco tequila, absinthe

No. 70: Pineapple Fizz

light rum, gold rum, pineapple

No. 67: Painkiller

dark rum, gold rum, pineapple

No. 58: Dressing Gown

blanco tequila, mezcal, pastis

No. 55: Champagne Julep

mint, simple syrup, brandy

No. 33: Test Pilot

dark rum, light rum, falernum

No. 32: Corn N' Oil

dark rum, falernum, lime juice

No. 18: Mai Tai

gold rum, dark rum, lime juice

No. 9: Zombie

gold rum, dark rum, demerara rum